Exeunt Omnes: Makeshift Gameplay Tutorial

(or Philosophy in 10 Easy Steps)

Preface: In-game help is available in the menu, and you can skip cutscenes using Esc!


A. Logos

1. Nodes are topics:

2. Link are arguments, connecting two topics. Click on a node OR a link (both work!), then on Perform to claim it (or click on the node/link again to cancel):

3. The circle of light represents the current theme of the conversation and moves in the direction of your arguments.
You cannot claim topics outside of that zone.

4. Once claimed, arguments and topics are circled in your character's color:

5. Click on your opponent's portrait to see what she thinks of your arguments. Click again on her to come back to your normal screen and choose options.
The color filling the nodes represents a degree of belief (white=agreement, dark red=disagreement).
When you don't know her opinion, nodes are grayed out.

6. An argument (link) runs from a premise to a conclusion.
If your opponent agrees with the premise, they can revise their belief in the conclusion.
In turn, it affects other arguments, causing chain reactions.

7. The colors on a link indicate which opinion on the premise makes the link valid, and which opinion on the conclusion it suggests.

B. Ethos and Pathos

8. Statements can also have emotional or relational effects, symbolized by small dots next to the statement.

9. These effects concern three aspects of communication [1] (which affect many things, more details in the help):

[1] Goffman, E. (1959) The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life (Any of 15+ different editions is good.)

Changes can be tracked through the gauges next to the portraits, or by right-click on an opponent's portrait and "Analyze".

10. You can win the conversation either by changing the belief of your opponent of the central statement by pure logic, or by changing her emotional state enough to unlock one of three "exit" statements on the periphery.

Along with losing (by exhausting your 10 turns or irritating your opponent too much), that makes five endings for you to find.

Have fun!