Exeunt Omnes - A game of strategic sophistry

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======================================= EXEUNT OMNES v 1.0 (30-06-2014) =======================================

"You won't live to see your thirteenth sun."

"Let's talk about it, hm?"*

Your minions are defeated, your plans thwarted. The hero has come, and all you have left is words.

The thing is, you are good with words. Words are pretty much what you do best.

Can you talk your way out, or break that pesky hero and send her crying to her teammates?

Be careful, for this could be your final monologue.

Exeunt Omnes is a rhetorical strategy game where dialogue is the battleground and you fight for your life, armed with logos, ethos and pathos. The love child of a hacking game and a visual novel, with added sophistry for flavor, and five endings reflecting your strategy or lack thereof.

Trigger warnings: wacky takes on ethics and narrative theory from evil teenage girls with a taste for dialectics; dissing Kant and Nietzsche for street cred.

* Spaghetti western dialogue not included in the actual game, unfortunately.


Exeunt Omnes was developped in ten days for the 2014 Indie Game Development Contest (http://contest.rpgmakerweb.com/)

It builds on an original engine based on pygame (http://pygame.org), which has been in development for one year. However the original graphics and music, as well as the game itself, have been created over the contest period.

More games based on the same engine are planned. They will share the rhetoric battle system, plus additional dimensions (cutscenes, point&click phases, and resource management). Once the engine is complete, it will be released along with the assets, so that anyone can make games based on that concept.

Until then, please do not modify or redistribute this game or its assets without asking beforehand, out of caution and courtesy. Thanks for your understanding.



Adam Hasvers (adam.hasvers@free.fr) - Programming, Graphics, Design

Doedelzak (benjamin.bouvrot@gmail.com) - Music, Playtesting

Exeunt Omnes OST Track list: 1. Doedelzak - Exeunt Omnes OST - Phenomenological Catharsis.mp3 2. Doedelzak - Exeunt Omnes OST - Paradigms in Ontologic Confrontation.mp3 3. Doedelzak - Exeunt Omnes OST - Vortex Parergon.mp3 4. Doedelzak - Exeunt Omnes OST - The Realm of Kantian Heterocosmic Transcendence.mp3

Please send questions and bug reports to adam.hasvers@free.fr

And compliments or job offers to any or both of the addresses above.

Sound effects: http://www.universal-soundbank.com/



See the help menu (available in the strategy phase) for questions relating to the strategic aspects. A more detailed documentation will come.

Alt+Enter: Toggle fullscreen mode Space or Enter: Close message box Ctrl+P: Take screenshot Cutscene: Esc: Menu

Strategy phase: Arrows: Move around the field Ctrl+H: Help

Warning: If you keep Space or Enter pressed, you may go through many messages in succession. (This, sadly, is system-dependent.)


The engine makes use of:

Pygame (LGPL License) NetworkX (BSD License) Numpy (BSD License) PyInstaller (pyinstaller.org) for the executable, which does not constrain the license of the product. gradients by DROID (public domain)

Texts for the corresponding licenses are present in the /gen/ directory.

For now, everything else (unless specified above) is:

Copyright © 2014 Exeunt Omnes Developpers All rights reserved.